The Amiga Server Project!

The Apache http server project is now underway and it seems to be a good http server for the amiga. But what lacks is a complete server installation for the Amiga. Many programs are missing or are spreaded over the Internet and the Aminet pages. Several programs are needed to make a complete server out of the Amiga. Here is a growing list of free- or shareware programs we think that should be included for a complete server installation. Many of the programs need work, so, if you are a skilled programmer and want to make a contribution, get in touch with us:

This list is by far not complete, it will grow. If you have an idea or a program to include, mail it to the above email address!

NEW in the FTP daemons section:
  • ftp4all225.lhaThis is the newest addition, Sources included.

  • List of Programs:

    This list is intended to be a list for using the Amiga as a server. That means that I only include programs that are intended to use on a server or provide a service for more than one user. Also should it be possible to control the programs via an internet connection. Therefore programs should be usuable from a cli (telnet connection). Programs that are controlled by a GUI are not listed.